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At 10:00 am on September 21, 2022, the foundation ceremony of JLH New Headquarters officially kicked off in Tanxi Industrial Zone, Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan City. The ceremony was very popular. Gan Zhiyu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Longjiang Town, Wu Chengliang, Mayor of Longjiang Town, Huang Yongji, Chairman of the Town People’s Congress, Liu Haoran, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, Liao Qixing, Deputy Mayor of Longjiang Town and other leaders, as well as corporate guests, Media representatives witnessed this important moment together.

At the ceremony, Chen Zhaojia, chairman of JLH Furniture, took the lead in introducing the general situation of the groundbreaking project. The new headquarters project, which started construction this time, is located in Tanxi Industrial Zone, Longjiang Town, covering an area of 84.5 mu, with a total investment of 770 million yuan and a construction area of about 200,000 square meters, including a 16 floor office building with a construction area of over 21,000 square meters and three industry-leading automated and modern production workshops.

Huang Haochang, general manager of JLH Furniture, delivered a welcome speech and made a good plan for the future of JLH. He said: The new headquarters building of JLH, which has laid the foundation today, will become the most influential home furnishing platform in the world. And the advanced mattress production base. JLH Furniture is committed to being an enterprise that does not seek the first, but the best, and is worthy of conscience, and is committed to providing the top quality home furnishing products to meet the global personalized lifestyle.


Liu Haoran, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of Longjiang Town, said that JLH new headquarters is a representative project of the “Return of Dragon Merchants”, a high-quality project for furniture investment promotion, and a benchmark project for building a headquarters economy. The design of JLH new headquarters is very modern. It will build a fully automated demonstration production line for mattresses and build a modern and intelligent base for automated furniture production. After the completion of the JLH new headquarters project, it will further strengthen the development atmosphere of Longjiang furniture business and improve the furniture supporting industry chain, which is of great significance to the accelerated development of Longjiang furniture industry cluster to high-end and modernization.

The sky was clear, the eight lions danced, the salute roared, and the colorful smoke took off. The relevant leaders and guests waved their golden shovels together, officially laying the foundation for the project. At the same time, the foundation-laying ceremony also ended successfully with the salute.

Although the event is over, the real project has just begun. It is believed that in the future, JLH Constant will join hands with Longjiang to develop together, and use digital technology and technological innovation to promote the upgrading of the smart home industry and lead the high-quality development of the industry.

Project Overview

The JLH new headquarters is located in Tanxi Industrial Zone, Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, covering an area of 84.5 acres. The overall plan is divided into one comprehensive office building and three production workshops. Among them, the comprehensive office building has a total of 16 floors, each of which is about 1200 square meters. It integrates sales, research and development, exhibition halls and comprehensive offices, and strives to create the CBD of Longjiang furniture manufacturing, making every effort to create a global furniture sales platform.

The production base has a total area of more than 150,000 square meters. In the future, it will attract more excellent suppliers to settle in, and strive to build the world’s most advanced mattress production base.

There are four advantages of the new headquarters:

1. Source suppliers, cost saving. Supplier management, as an important link in the enterprise supply chain, can create quantifiable expenditure control and significant cost savings.

2. Automatic production line, efficient and time-saving. The use of automated production lines can increase labor productivity, stabilize and improve product quality, improve labor conditions, reduce production costs, shorten production cycles, and ensure production balance, with significant economic benefits.

3. International standard production, quality assurance. International operation is a method of establishing the most efficient operation sequence through continuous improvement of standards, effectively reducing costs, promoting process planning, and improving enterprise competitiveness.

4. High-quality materials, flexible customization. Among them, the comprehensive office building has a total of 16 floors, and each floor is about 1200m2. It integrates sales, research and development, exhibition halls and comprehensive office, and strives to create the CBD of Longjiang furniture manufacturing.


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