Memorabilia of JLH Charity Service Team

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  • 2022/09/21
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The JLH Charity Service Team was established in 2018. It has been cooperating with surrounding communities, paying attention to special groups in society in various forms (visiting, friendship), and conveying warmth to them. 

On April 27 this year, the Shuinan Community Happiness Institute awarded Jinlongheng Furniture Co., Ltd. : the honorary certificate of the best public welfare cooperation unit.

The JLH Charity Service Team stated that “helping the needy, and benevolent and charitable”, we will continue to do our best to give back to the society in the future.

The JLH cooperation plan with Foshan Jingcheng Social Work Service Center since July 2019. In Jiujiang Town, community-based public welfare activities to help the disabled and the poor have been carried out. Good results have been achieved in the past cooperation, and good public welfare cooperation has been maintained. The family went through 7 communities and villages in Jiujiang Town, and a total of 152 people received loving condolences.

On May 26, 2022, Jiujiang Town held the 32nd National Day of Helping the Disabled, “Promoting the Employment of Disabled Persons and Protecting the Rights and Interests of Disabled Persons”, caring and caring for disabled people, to understand, respect, care, and help disabled people. In this activity, Jinlongheng Furniture Co., Ltd. was rated as a public welfare cooperative unit.

At present, the JLH Charity Team is on the front line of epidemic prevention. As long as we are needed, our volunteer service team will stand up as soon as possible. During the epidemic prevention period, the JLH Charity Team sent more than 20 volunteers to participate in it, doing their best to serve the masses and practice with practical actions. In May 2022, Jinlongheng Furniture Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of a model force for epidemic prevention.

Charity is the melody that we sing forever. There is no distinction between abilities and acts of kindness. Let us continue to carry forward our charity work.


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