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What is a pocket sprung mattress and is it the best choice for your sleeping needs? These mattresses are made with individually pocketed coils that provide sleepers with pressure relief when needed. Our guide to the best mattresses includes pocket sprung mattresses, which are more sprungy and firmer than memory foam mattresses. Pocket sprung mattresses offer a very different feel and come in a variety of firmness options, although the most popular option is medium firm – the perfect balance of comfort and support. However, pocket sprung mattresses are generally firm, which means they are also suitable for heavier sleepers. Read on to learn all about pocket sprung mattresses and see if they’re right for your sleep needs and budget. 

What Is A Pocket Sprung Mattress?

Pocket sprung mattresses are made from individual pocket sprungs. Each of these pocket coils is contained in its own fabric pocket, allowing the coils to operate independently of each other. This advanced spring response allows for fine-tuning based on the sleeper’s body size, sleeping position, and nighttime movements. And, since the coils are individually wrapped, the choice of comfort layers is much wider. The main benefits of pocket sprung mattresses are tailored support, spinal alignment, minimal motion transfer (good for co-sleepers), reduced pressure, and consistent firmness.

Pocket sprung mattresses use many individual fabric-covered springs. Each individual pocket spring can operate independently depending on where the pressure is. So if you sleep on your side, the pocket coils around your hips will be able to support you without compressing the entire coil. You may have experienced the trampoline’s continuous open coil spring unit bouncing in other mattresses. Wherever you go, the whole bed is shaking. Pocket sprung mattresses completely eliminate this sleep problem. Pocket sprung mattress manufacturing help reduce rolling and shifting (the mattress wobbles when a sleeper moves) and can be completely tailored to your exact sleeping needs. Make luxury pocket sprung mattress truly customizable so you can get the perfect night’s sleep, rather than settling for one size fits all mass-produced mattresses.

Premium Pocket Sprung Mattress

The Sets In The Pocket Sprung Mattress

Perhaps more than any other type of mattress, pocket sprung mattresses can contain a variety of different materials in addition to the pocket springs themselves. Comfort materials range from less expensive durable fibers to natural wool, memory foam and latex. As you’d expect, the more you pay for a mattress, the more layers you’ll get. Despite the variety, most pocket sprung mattresses follow a similar pattern of construction. Common components include:

Breathable Covers – Covers are usually made of padded foam and are designed to keep sleepers cool at night and provide a comfortable sleeping surface. Less expensive mattresses usually have the cover sewn to the mattress.

Comfort Layer – On the cheaper end of the spectrum, this layer will be made of eco-comfortable fibers, but expect to find materials such as memory foam, gel memory foam, wool and latex as prices rise. You rest on this layer, which helps shape your body for a comfortable night’s sleep. More expensive pocket sprung mattresses can have multiple layers of comfort.

Pocket Coils – A layer of individually designed pocket coils to independently adjust and relieve pressure based on the sleeper’s movements throughout the night. Likewise, more expensive pocket sprung mattresses may have more than one layer of coils.

Protective layer – Pocket sprung mattresses usually have a protective layer under the coils to ensure that the structure of the mattress is protected while you sleep.

Base – The base of a mattress is a firm layer, usually foam, that supports the entire mattress.

Benefits of Pocket Sprung Mattress

Pocket sprung mattresses offer many advantages over memory foam and other types of open sprung mattresses. Since we all need different solutions for our sleeping needs depending on our height, weight and sleeping position, The pocket coil mattress manufacturers will adopt a pocket coil system which will customize each person’s support based on the amount of pressure applied. at each spring. This type of zoned support adapts pressure distribution perfectly, allowing us to maintain a comfortable and supportive sleep environment.

Because each coil is installed individually, pocket sprung mattresses also have excellent motion separation. This is ideal for partners who share a bed. Any change in movement or pressure will be concentrated on the single affected spring and isolated from the others, “rolling or interfering” meaninglessly. The pocket coil design also ensures good air circulation, which makes it breathable without building up heat, perfect for perfect temperature control during sleep.

Pocket Sprung Mattress Sale

Instead of being connected, each spring is independent, contained in a separate hardware bag and operates independently. The pockets are connected, allowing the springs to work their magic freely. Each spring responds individually to the pressure applied by the sleeper, preventing it from affecting the rest of the mattress and providing the sleeper with more support and stability.

Consistent Stiffness – Since each individual pocket spring is encased in its own fabric sleeve, it maintains consistent tension without other springs affecting its compression rate. This creates an even level of firmness/support across the entire mattress, whereas other foam supports may feel softer near the edges of the mattress.

No Motion Movement– Since the springs operate independently, transfer to the bed is significantly reduced. So if you’re a restless sleeper, pocket sprung mattresses can really cut down on nighttime distractions.

Can’t ride together – Since each pocket spring reacts independently and independently to any pressure applied, it helps support weight individually. Instead of distributing body weight support across the surface of the mattress, which in open coils can cause the middle of the bed to sag. This helps reduce the feeling of rolling over your partner in bed. This can be further reduced, ensuring an almost restful night’s sleep.

Pressure Relief – Choose the spring tension based on your body weight and sleeping position (unfortunately most retailers don’t exactly recommend). This means you get the perfect support and comfort from your mattress. rather than having the spring tension too soft or too hard. that is, one size does not fit anyone.

Factors For Choosing A Pocket Sprung Mattress

In addition to the number of springs, there are several other factors to consider when comparing pocket sprung mattresses. This can include build quality, structure, fill, and quality. Many premium pocket sprung mattresses are made using traditional craft techniques. These techniques can take years to perfect and ensure that each mattress is made to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Inside these mattresses, the pocket coils are often interlocked by hand in a honeycomb pattern for added support and durability. Look at the features of a mattress as follows to make first decision.

Pocket Sprung Mattress

Comfort Materials

Pocket sprung mattresses are generally made from a variety of different materials. These range from cheaper, sustainable fibers to more expensive memory foam and latex. The more expensive varieties are more likely to have more layers. They will also likely have a breathable cover made from quilted foam that helps keep sleepers cool. A pocket sprung mattress should contain a minimum of 1000 springs, but can contain up to 1500 springs. Some springs can be split into two sections, which can increase the total spring count, but does not necessarily increase comfort. Some manufacturers also nest the springs, which can give the mattress a dual spring feel. This does not, however, increase the relative independence of the springs.

The top comfort layer of a pocket sprung mattress is typically made from latex or memory foam. This material offers pressure-point relief and spinal alignment. The design also provides increased airflow and firmer bounce. As a result, pocket sprung mattresses tend to be more responsive and supportive. Typically, pocket sprung mattresses have layers of latex foam and memory foam above the pocket spring array, which help to prevent the springs from slipping around. JinLongHeng’s pocket sprung mattress is the best choice for people who prefer the springy feel. These mattresses are softer than memory foam but are still firm enough to give proper spinal alignment and proper muscle and joint relief. They are available in a variety of firmness levels and are best suited for heavier sleepers.

Quality Springs

Pocket sprung mattresses are an excellent choice for those who want a comfortable bed that will provide years of support. When choosing a pocket sprung mattress, you should consider the quality of the springs. If they are too thin or too thick, they may not provide adequate support. Fortunately, pocket sprung mattresses now come with many benefits, including excellent durability. Unlike other types of mattresses, Pocket sprung mattresses usually contain 1000 to 3000 springs, depending on the size and brand. The spring count is proportional across all sizes, so anything less than this is considered low quality. Anything higher than this is considered high quality. However, you should consider your individual comfort level before making a purchase.

The number of pocket springs in a pocket sprung mattress is another important consideration. A pocket sprung mattress with over 2000 springs may be firm but may not be as comfortable. The difference between a 1000 and a 2000 spring unit is nominal but does matter for like-for-like comparisons. A pocket sprung mattress with 600 springs is a good example of a high-quality pocket sprung unit, which has a relatively low retail price. When choosing a pocket sprung mattress, look for a company that has a reputation for producing quality pocket sprung mattresses. While you may spend more money, a cheap pocket sprung mattress may not be the best option.

Firmness Ratings

A pocket sprung mattress can be a great option if you want a bed that accommodates a variety of body weights. Pocket springs are highly supportive and promote neutral spinal alignment. They’re also a good choice if you sleep hot or want a mattress that supports you in various positions. However, when you’re shopping for a pocket sprung mattress, you need to be sure to look for a comfort layer that will keep you cool. You should also pay attention to the spring count on a pocket sprung mattress. The more springs that a pocket sprung mattress has, the more supportive it will be. Manufacturers often use spring counts as a way to differentiate their products. The higher the number, the better.

Pocket springs are a great choice for people with back pain. They are designed to react individually, so they offer better support for the spine than an open coil mattress. There are two main types of pocket springs: soft and firm. The firmness rating of a pocket sprung mattress depends on the amount of springs and other factors. The firmness rating will be higher if the pocket springs are 2000 or more.

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Who Should Buy A pocket sprung mattress ?

Pocket sprung mattresses are some of the most versatile beds on the market. They adapt to a variety of sleeping positions and are available in a range of firmness ratings. They’re a great option for most sleepers, but we particularly recommend these:

  • Back sleepers, side sleepers and front sleepers, they will all benefit from zoned support with coils that promote spinal alignment.
  • Mixed sleepers who want the spring to rebound easily to change positions throughout the night.
  • Those who want a bed with minimal motion transfer as the springs flex to absorb motion.
  • Those who suffer from pain will find that the individually wrapped springs provide excellent pressure relief.

Who Shouldn’t Buy A pocket sprung mattress ?

On the other hand, who shouldn’t buy a pocket sprung mattress? As we mentioned earlier, mattresses are not a “one size fits all” product, and pocket sprung mattresses are not suitable for everyone. Although we consider them one of the best all-purpose mattresses, pocket sprung mattresses may not be right for you if:

  • You are light and need more cushioning.
  • You want a mattress that “hugs” you and hugs the contours of your body more closely.
  • You sleep warm because each spring is wrapped in a good amount of material to prevent drafts.
  • You weigh over 250 pounds because you may find that you sink too deep into the mattress and the springs cause discomfort.


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