The 28th China International Furniture Fair Review

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  • 2023/10/12
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The 28th China International Furniture Fair Review

Our wonderful exhibition report

September 11-15,2023 in Shanghai

Our company participated in the 28th China International Furniture Fair. This is an exciting experience and an opportunity for everyone to see the style of our company.

Our booth became the focus of the exhibition, attracting many visitors and customers, many of whom showed strong interest in our products.

Next, let’s share our outstanding performance at this exhibition!

1.Star product—I-Smart mattress

Our smart mattress range became the star product of the show. The audience showed great interest in the intelligent control and comfort of this mattress. The innovative design of the smart mattress also aroused the curiosity of the audience. Many people came to understand and experience our star product.

2.Eco-friendly mattresses are popular

In the current context of increasing environmental awareness, our environmentally friendly mattress series has attracted widespread attention. Visitors appreciated and recognized the sustainable materials and manufacturing processes used in these mattresses, in line with our commitment to sustainability.

3.Simple life—simple upholstered bed

Our simple upholstered bed series is also very popular and loved by everyone. Viewers were impressed by the beds’ simple design and versatile use. They had lots of ideas for how the beds could fit into different styles of living spaces.

4.Creative box bed

The box bed series has attracted many customers who have needs for space optimization. The innovative designs of this series make people rethink their bedroom layout plans, come up with many interesting matching solutions, and provide many new ideas.

Exhibition summary

The 28th China International Furniture Fair provides us with a valuable opportunity to showcase our innovative products to the global furniture market. During the exhibition, we gained deep insights into the future trends of furniture and customer needs.


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