Choose JLH MATTRESS, More Secure Your Sleep Is !

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Certified By the ISPA International Sleep Association

  • Choose JLH MATTRESS, More Secure Your Sleep Is !

At present, JLH products strictly implement the EU production standards, and have obtained certifications from many international organizations, such as BSCI business community certification, American Sedswell sponge certification, FSC forest certification, UL American standard fire protection certification, UKFR BS 7177 British standard fire protection certification etc.

Continuous improvement and perfection in terms of product safety and quality has truly achieved “creating a golden sleep system”, which can provide consumers with safer, healthier and more comfortable sleep.

In February 2023, the company won the recognition of the International Sleep Organization and was invited to join the International Sleep Organization Association by virtue of its high-standard production management of mattresses and the patented technology of compression roll packaging, so as to make more contributions to the global sleep cause.

International Sleep Products Association, (ISPA) was founded in 1915. It was originally established in the United States by 39 international large-scale mattress manufacturers. It is the only professional association in the world focusing on the mattress industry, aiming to form a unified quality service standard in the industry. , to protect the reputation of the industry.

Its mission is to protect and improve the development and high level of the mattress manufacturing industry, and to solve the sleep health and hygiene problems that affect consumers, which is a strong guarantee for sleep bedding.

ISPA members have now expanded to more than 650 mattress manufacturers, covering more than 50 countries around the world, and many super-large mattress manufacturers in China have entered the ISPA association.

In the future, JLH will still implement international high-standard production requirements, improve the development and level of the mattress manufacturing industry, protect the reputation and quality of the mattress industry with actions, and spread healthy sleep to every corner of the world. Choose JLH, choose to embrace golden sleep!


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