CAUTION: Bedroom Air Can Be Life-threatening !

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  • 2023/05/05
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Home is a place to rest and recover after a hard day’s work. Here, there are loved ones who love us, favorite furniture, and warm rooms. The most important thing is that we can unload the heavy burden at home, forget about the troubles of work, and release ourselves as we like.

At home, the place where we stay the longest every day is the bedroom, so whether the air in the bedroom is healthy has become the most concerned issue for each of us.

The sky is blue and white, much clear. Open the window of the bedroom before going out to let the air circulate. Is the air quality in the bedroom an important guarantee for healthy breathing in the bedroom?

But ! Harmless Air ≠ Healthy Air

Although the blue sky is a sign of good air quality, there are still many particles with extremely small particle sizes and invisible to the naked eye that will threaten our respiratory health; on the other hand, outdoor air pollution is only the tip of the iceberg, indoor decoration pollution, dust mites, etc. Harmful substances brought about pose a serious threat to people’s health and need to be optimized.

Air pollution in the bedroom is an “invisible killer” for human health. The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that in addition to the number one killer formaldehyde and toluene brought by house decoration materials, the air pollution in the bedroom also includes various pollution such as tobacco smoke pollution, pet hair, bacteria, and fungi. More than 300 kinds of pollutants were detected.

The air pollution in the bedroom is gradually threatening human health. If it is not paid attention to in time, the harm will be very terrible. Fresh air is not equal to healthy air. Experts say that compared with PM10 and PM2.5, inhalable particulate matter is easier to suspend in the air for a long time. Because of its small particle size, the probability of inhalation becomes greater and it can reach the lungs. Deep, deep into the lower respiratory tract, and even penetrate the alveolar membrane, causing great harm to human health.

If you stay in such a bedroom environment for a long time, the “biological clock” that controls metabolism in the body will be disrupted, which will not only cause diseases, but also affect sleep, which is closely related to health.

With the development of the construction of the times, air pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the dust and polluted air inhaled from the respiratory tract per capita are increasing day by day. In order to save the health of the respiratory tract and create a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment, American Sheldon specially launched the bamboo charcoal breathing series mattress. The American Sheldon famous bed is to provide consumers with a healthy, comfortable, natural and non-toxic sleeping environment.


JLH FURNITURE specially selects bamboo charcoal fiber material, develops and launches a new “bamboo charcoal breathing series” mattress. Bamboo charcoal fiber is fully used in various structures such as bed surface cloth, independent tube bagging, bamboo charcoal latex and bamboo charcoal fiber cotton to create a breathable mattress that seems to breathe on its own, which can effectively improve the user’s sleep quality, enhance human health, and enjoy the natural environment as well as he comforts of the good life.


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