2023 IMM Cologne· JLH Furniture Exhibition Review

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  • 2023/06/12
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In June 2023, the IMM Cologne in Germany has become the focus of the global furniture industry. This exhibition attracts exhibitors and buyers from all over the world, including mattress and upholstered bed manufacturers from China, as one of the top five mattress and upholstered bed manufacturers in China, JLH Furniture participated in this exhibition with pride and confidence.

Date & time: 09:00-18:00,June 4-7, 2023

Booth: Hall 9 C065

Add:Koelnmesse – Hall

The IMM Cologne in Germany is one of the most important events in the furniture industry. The exhibition venue is located in Cologne, Germany, and the exhibition time lasts for four consecutive days. As an exhibitor from China, JLH Furniture’s goal is to display better products, attract more European buyers, and reach an order agreement with them.

This time, JLH Furniture’s booth was exquisitely designed, which attracted the attention of many visitors. What we stand out in particular is the combination of color tone and softness and hardness of the product, as well as the combination with the environmental protection concept of global ocean recycling and land recycling.

Some mattresses and upholstered beds made of environmentally friendly materials were displayed at the booth, and these products highlighted JLH Furniture’s innovative ability and environmental awareness. This time, promotional materials related to ocean recycling and land recycling were also displayed to introduce visitors to our environmental protection practices and achievements.

During the exhibition, we actively communicated and negotiated with buyers from European countries. JLH Furniture’s products have attracted the attention of hundreds of European buyers and aroused their strong interest. We detailed the features of the product, the quality assurance and the importance of the concept of environmental protection. Our sales team demonstrates professional knowledge and enthusiasm to conduct in-depth business negotiations with buyers.

Through the negotiations during the exhibition, I am pleased to announce that JLH Furniture has successfully reached a series of order agreements. These orders cover different markets and customer needs, further consolidating JLH Furniture‘s position in the European market. This exhibition provides us with an opportunity to establish long-term partnerships with European buyers, expand our market share, and further enhance our reputation in the global furniture industry.

Looking back at the entire exhibition, we are very satisfied with the results of the exhibition. JLH Furniture‘s products were widely recognized at the exhibition, and achieved substantial business cooperation through exchanges with European buyers.

The exhibition not only brought us business opportunities, but also strengthened the connection with other exhibitors and industry experts, and gave us a deeper understanding of the trends and development directions of the global furniture market.

JLH Furniture will continue to work hard to innovate and improve our products, and is committed to providing better quality, environmentally friendly mattresses and upholstered beds. We look forward to future furniture exhibitions, will continue to demonstrate our strength, cooperate with more international customers, and contribute our strength to the sustainable development of the global furniture industry.


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