Warmly Welcome The Leaders of Shunde Polytechnic To Visit Jinglongheng For Communication And Guidance

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  • 2022/09/21
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On July 1st, Luo Dan, Vice President of Shunde Polytechnic, Ning Shunqing, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages and other leaders visited JLH Furniture for communication and guidance. They visited JLH office, production workshops, laboratories, etc. Express high recognition and appreciation for the environment and production scale of JLH.

During the tour, the management of JLH gave a detailed introduction to the company’s development history and product application, workshop equipment, production capacity, production characteristics, personnel skills, and R&D team.


JLH is also the off-campus training base of Shunde Polytechnic. In recent years, Shunde Polytechnic has provided JLH with talent support; JLH pays attention to the construction of innovation platforms and the training of high-end talents. 

During the exchange, Vice President Luo Dan said that he expects that the level of school-enterprise cooperation can be further sublimated, enabling entrepreneurs to come to the school for guidance, using their own successful experience as an endorsement, to be an entrepreneurial classroom, and to influence students’ new views on manufacturing, so as to further drive students to a new direction for career planning. 

General Manager Huang Haochang also attended this exchange symposium, saying that in the stage of rapid development of enterprise products, we should not forget to innovate and integrate the design and development of national tide style, promote the development of Chinese culture, exude the charm of Chinese cultural heritage, and sublimate from the production pattern to art to express the deep and profound respect and love for Chinese culture.

School-enterprise cooperation is moving towards a project system, combining production management, sales management, R&D management, e-commerce, social media (Tiktok video) and other enterprise processes to increase students’ off-campus practice opportunities.

During the symposium and exchanges, the leaders of both parties agreed to further strengthen school-enterprise cooperation and deepen the integration of production and education; focus on the goal of “fine training and high-level employment”; give full play to their respective advantages, expand cooperation models, and promote hand in hand with alumni companies. Create a better future together.


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