Spring Festival Production Suspension Notice

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  • 2022/11/21
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People tend to schedule tough problems and short-term plans to be dealt with and completed by the end of the year. What are we going to do before the end of the year, what are we going to accomplish before the end of the year. Time is fast. It’s the end of the year again. It took a year to organize a shelf of plans and questions from the first to the top. But will it be done piece by piece? Or will it have to wait until next year.

The notice on the suspension of production during the Spring Festival of our company is as follows:

Spring Festival Production Suspension Notice

Dear Customers

Thank you for your continuously support to our JLH spring mattress factory business years by years.

Spring Festival holiday is approaching quickly, we kindly inform you that our Spring Festival holiday arrangement so that we can arrange your orders better.

Holiday time: 10th Jan. to 29th Jan 2023

Order stop time:

(1) 10th Dec. 2022 (for orders which will be shipped before 10th Jan. 2023)

(2) 3rd Jan.2023 (for order which will be shipped after 15th Feb. 2023)

Shipments start time: 29th Jan. 2023

So if you have urgent order and need to deliver before 10th Jan. 2023, please give us the order plan before 10th Dec. 2022, so that we can better arrange the orders before holiday.

Because the holiday time of our suppliers in China is quite different, so we need to ready the materials in advance to avoid delays in your delivery. Please kindly arrange your orders on time and we will give you better service.

In the end, I wish you happy holidays in advance! Merry Christmas and happy new year!


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