What Are The Benefits of A Latex Mattress ?

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What Is A Latex Mattress?

Latex mattress refers to the rubber tree sap collected from the rubber tree. It is produced through exquisite technology combined with modern equipment and technology to carry out molding, foaming, gelling, vulcanization, washing, drying, molding and packaging. It is a modern green bedding product that is suitable for high-quality and healthy sleep of the human body with various excellent properties.

Latex sponge is a porous rubber material with a cell structure that is all connected or most connected, and a small part is not connected. It is the largest consumption of latex in latex products. It has the characteristics of high elasticity, shock absorption, compression fatigue resistance, good bearing capacity, comfort and durability.

The latex bed mattress being made from latex sponge has high resiliency, and the need for can meeting different weight crowds, and its good support force can adapt to the various sleeping positions of sleeper. Latex bed mattress contacts people’s bulk area and contacts people’s bulk area than conventional mattress A lot, the endurance for the scattered human body weight that can be averaged is higher by, with bad sleeping position function is corrected, more there is sterilization. Another major feature of latex mattresses is no noise, no vibration, effectively improving sleep quality, better air permeability, and relatively high market price.

Molded by evaporation, it has countless pores, good air permeability, and because the surface of the pores is smooth, mites cannot attach, and a very important feature of latex juice is that the fragrance it emits makes many mosquitoes. would like to be close. Excellent elasticity, no deformation, washable and durable. It is a good material for health;

Natural latex is made from the sap of rubber trees and molded by evaporation. Because it has numerous pores, it has good air permeability; at the same time, latex has excellent elasticity and is not easy to deform. Latex mattresses with good texture are made of natural latex. It has good resilience, can prevent mites and bacteria, and can also meet the needs of people of different weights, and its good support can adapt to various sleeping positions of sleepers.

Latex is a good gift from nature to human sleep. Latex mattresses and pillows are the mainstream top bedding in advanced countries in the world. In Europe, they found that to eliminate fatigue, sleep must use natural bedding, which provides continuous support and soft feeling. The unique characteristics of latex can not only meet the needs of consumers, but also meet the new life of the trend of returning to nature, which is to respect oneself and pursue the greatest comfort in life. So every year millions of Europeans buy natural latex bedding.

Disadvantages: When latex is exposed to ultraviolet light, it will oxidize, so pay attention to mattress maintenance and do not expose it to sunlight for a long time.

Five Benefits of a Natural Latex Mattress

Anti-mite And Anti-bacteria

According to medical reports, pillows, quilts, and mattresses are breeding grounds for bacteria and dust mites, and after three years of use, pillows contain 10% mold, mite feces, and numerous mite corpses. According to medical data, 12% to 16% of people have allergies, and 25% of these patients are allergic to dust mites at home; in addition, as many as 90% of asthma patients are caused by dust mites at home , From this we can know the degree of harm of dust mites to human beings. Because the oak protein in the latex can inhibit the latent of germs and allergens. It meets the requirements of environmental protection, can inhibit the breeding of germs and mites, and has no static electricity, and emits a natural frankincense fragrance. Great for people suffering from asthma and allergic rhinitis and other respiratory conditions.


Natural latex pillows have thousands of air vents in a fine mesh structure. These holes can discharge waste heat and moisture from the human body, and can also promote natural ventilation, providing the best natural air-conditioning system to keep the air in the pillow fresh and healthy. . Comfortable feeling can be maintained in every season.

Latex has a special molecular structure, which has good comfort and air permeability, and inhibits the growth of bacteria and parasites; the open latex porous airbag structure allows the air to circulate freely in the mattress, which can disperse the skin and the bed during sleep. Heat and sweat generated by pad contact keep you comfortable and dry during sleep.

Promoting Sleep

Latex bed mattress contacts human body area than general mattress A lot, it can disperse the endurance of human body weight, reaches all-round support, has the function of correcting bad sleeping position. The latex mattress has high resiliency and can meet the needs of people of different weights. Compared with other types of mattresses, latex mattresses produce no noise, no vibration, and have the effect of promoting sleep. The weight of the head is evenly absorbed and covered to achieve full support, so that you can sleep comfortably and safely.

Strong Resilience

In addition, the natural latex mattress formed by foaming with a special process is durable, has strong resilience, keeps its shape for a long time without deformation, is easy to clean, does not attract dust, and the fine hair is easy to clean by hand or by machine (washing machine), as long as it is dehydrated with an electric fan Blow dry, or oven dry, never lose shape and stay clean forever.

Health And Environmental Protection

Latex, as an advanced raw material in medical science, is harmless to the human body. Does not contain toxic elements. Even in the case of overheating or burning, no toxic substances will be produced.

Natural, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. After more than ten years of use, natural latex products can decompose by themselves and return to nature without environmental pollution.

1. The structure of latex bedding is natural latex, which is 100% anti-mildew and antibacterial, ensuring the baby’s skin health and preventing skin allergies and upper respiratory tract infections.

2. Latex bedding is characterized by natural ventilation and fast heat dissipation, which makes the air flow, dissipates the stuffiness in the baby’s body, and keeps the baby cool and comfortable when sleeping.

3. The inner core is made of natural latex, which is non-toxic, moderately soft and hard, and not easy to deform.

4. Fully ventilated, evenly distributed, good air permeability, with ventilation effect, can make the air circulate automatically, quickly dissipate heat, and has the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer.

5. Moderately soft, the pressure is naturally dispersed, effectively supporting the baby’s head and neck, and shaping the baby’s perfect head shape.

6. It can lie on the back or sleep on the side without affecting the shape of the baby’s head. The double-sided symmetrical design is easy to use on both sides.


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