Original Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress

Original Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress
Original Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress
Original Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress
Original Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress
Original Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress
Original Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress
Original Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress

Brand Name: JLH Mattress

Model: 10FM-01

Color: As the picture shown

Size: Customized

Guarantee: 6 years guarantee

General Use: Bedroom

Packaging: Vacuum packing in pallet, box, or bag

Place of Origin: Guangdong China

Certificates: BSCI, SQP, ISO 9001, ISO14001, OEKO-TEX, CERTIPUR-US

Minimum Order: 20 feet container

Price Term: EXW, FOB, C & F, CIF (optional)

Payment Terms: L / C, T / T, or Cash

Delivery: From the date that we get the deposit, will deliver the products within 30 days based on the type and the quantity of the mattresses you ordered.

Benefits of Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress

Made from a combination of bamboo and memory foam, bamboo memory foam mattresses can provide healthy sleep motivation for a number of reasons. Not only are they very comfortable, but they also offer a range of health benefits. 

1. Bamboo memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic.

Mattresses made from bamboo materials are hypoallergenic. The surface of our mattress protector is made of 100% bamboo fabric which means you don’t have to worry about allergy-causing bacteria, dust mites, and any other particles due to their anti-microbial and antibacterial properties.

2. They provide correct spinal support.

As mentioned earlier, a bamboo memory foam mattress is a combination of both memory foam and bamboo material. However, unlike a regular memory foam mattress, it offers the health benefit of memory foam for spinal support. By providing the right support, you can avoid the pain that often occurs in your back, neck, and shoulders. While getting the right sleeping position may seem trivial, it actually makes a big difference between waking up energized and waking up with back or neck pain.

3. They help regulate body temperature.

Bamboo memory foam mattresses do a great job at regulating your body temperature while you sleep — for two reasons. First, bamboo is incredibly porous when made into a fiber, hence allowing the material to breathe. This allows air to flow easily and freely, keeping you cool on hot days and warm on cold nights.

Second, bamboo does extremely well at wicking away moisture. When you sweat while you sleep, moisture is absorbed into the mattress and then evaporates. This in turn keeps you dry and comfortable while you sleep.

Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress

Original Memory Foam Mattress

What is Bamboo Fiber Fabric?

Bamboo fiber is a cellulose fiber extracted from naturally grown bamboo and is the fifth-largest natural fiber after cotton, hemp, wool, and silk.

 Bamboo fiber has the characteristics of good air permeability, instant water absorption, strong wear resistance, and good dyeing properties, and also has natural antibacterial, antibacterial, mite removal, deodorant, and anti-ultraviolet functions. Experts point out that bamboo fiber is a natural and environmentally friendly green fiber in the true sense.

Advantages of Bamboo Fiber Fabrics

Compared with traditional fabrics, bamboo fiber fabrics are different. It has many unique places in its own quality and finished product performance. Let's take a look at the advantages of bamboo fiber fabrics.

1. Delicate and Smooth

Bamboo fiber fabrics have a fine tightness, coupled with the natural smoothness of bamboo fibers, bamboo fiber fabrics feel very smooth and delicate, similar to satin.

2. Breathable and Hygroscopic

As a kind of plant fiber, bamboo fiber itself has good air permeability. After being made into bamboo fiber fabric, the fabric is covered with fine holes. These small holes help the fabric breathe and absorb water. Therefore, the breathability and moisture absorption of bamboo fiber fabric Strong sex.

3. Inhibit Bacteria

This feature has been proved by experiments. Bamboo fiber fabric not only does not breed bacteria but also kills the bacteria that spread, which is very healthy.

4. Resist UV Rays

Bamboo fiber has super resistance to ultraviolet rays, and strictly controls the injection of ultraviolet rays, which is also scientifically proven.

5. Beauty Care

This characteristic is also the characteristic of bamboo itself. Bamboo is deodorant, insect-proof, and mite-removing, and has natural medicinal value. Long-term consumption of bamboo fiber products can be used for beauty and health care.

6. Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer

This item is related to the natural coolness and breathability of bamboo fiber. In summer, it is cool and heat-proof, and in winter, it is comfortable and warm.

7. Green and Environmental Protection

Bamboo fiber is a kind of pure plant fiber, which does not involve chemical products. It is green and natural. Bamboo itself grows quickly, has a wide planting area, has a strong regeneration ability, and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

8. Comfortable and Beautiful

Bamboo fiber fabric has high brightness, a good dyeing effect, and is not easy to fade. In addition, it is smooth and delicate, and this kind of fabric is very beautiful.

Full Size Customization




QTY / 40HQ(pcs)


56 × 100 × 10CM





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