Bonnell Spring Memory Foam Mattress King


    Bonnell Spring Memory Foam Mattress King
    Bonnell Spring Memory Foam Mattress King
    Bonnell Spring Memory Foam Mattress King
    Bonnell Spring Memory Foam Mattress King
    Bonnell Spring Memory Foam Mattress King
    Bonnell Spring Memory Foam Mattress King

    Brand Name: JLH Mattress

    Model: 21BA-03

    Main Material: Bonnel spring & Foam

    Color: As the picture shown

    Size: Customized

    Height: 15cm

    General Use: Bedroom

    Packaging: Vacuum packing in pallet, box, or bag

    Place of Origin: Guangdong China

    Certificates: BSCI, SQP, ISO 9001, ISO14001, OEKO-TEX, CERTIPUR-US

    Minimum Order: 20 feet container

    Price Term: EXW, FOB, C&F, CIF (optional)

    Payment Terms: L / C, T / T, or Cash

    Delivery: From the date that we get the deposit, will deliver the products within 30 days based on the type and the quantity of the mattresses you ordered.

    Spring Mattress King

    Bonnell Spring Memory Foam Mattress

    High Quality Knitted Fabric: The lovely design fabric with Eco Comfort Fiber, an environmentally friendly comfort layer.

    Suprelle Anti-mite Fiber: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, EPA approval, suitable for baby products.

    Bonnel Spring: Hourglass-shaped coils are interconnected vertically, the spring mattress king provides equal weight distribution and relieves pressure points.

    Our dual-sided youth Bonnell spring memory foam mattress is specifically designed to help growing kids ages 3 to 12 reach their full potential through great sleep. It’s handcrafted with the same eco-friendly, high-quality materials as all mattresses to provide exceptional comfort and support for growing bodies.

    Supported and well-ventilated Bonnell springs guarantee an optional contribution to a good and safe night’s rest for the kids. The spring mattress king is anti-microbial and ensures proper care for babies.

    - Bamboo charcoal fiber: Bamboo charcoal has many great qualities: it eliminates odors, absorbs excess moisture, regulates temperature, and is an excellent choice for people with allergies.

    - Suprelle fiber: Unclean mattresses and mats can lead to children suffering from skin diseases, such as redness, psoriasis, inflammation, and so on. Baby is less immune than an adult, so bacteria and mites have a very big hidden danger to children’s health. Suprelle fiber mattress could protect babies from mildew, bacteria, and bedbugs being one of the best products for babies to play, sleep and interact with parents.

    - Colorful color combinations with a cute bunny upholstered bed will make your bedroom childlike and fun.

    - Because of the hybrid nature of the memory foam spring mattress king, you’re getting the firmness of the steel coils, balanced nicely with layers of foam.

    Packing of Bonnell Spring Memory Foam Mattress



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