Best Coil Spring Mattress

Best Coil Spring Mattress
Best Coil Spring Mattress
Best Coil Spring Mattress
Best Coil Spring Mattress
Best Coil Spring Mattress
Best Coil Spring Mattress

Brand Name: JLH Mattress

Model: 47AA-19

Main Material: 5 Zoned pocket coil system

Color: As the picture shown

Size: Customized

Height: 36cm

General Use: Bedroom

Packaging: Vacuum packing in pallet, box, or bag

Place of Origin: Guangdong China

Certificates: BSCI, SQP, ISO 9001, ISO14001, OEKO-TEX, CERTIPUR-US

Minimum Order: 20 feet container

Price Term: EXW, FOB, C&F, CIF (optional)

Payment Terms: L / C, T / T, or Cash

Delivery: From the date that we get the deposit, will deliver the products within 30 days based on the type and the quantity of the mattresses you ordered.

What is a Coil Spring Mattress?

Coil spring mattresses use metal coils to provide resistance and support. Modern bedding uses coil springs that are completely independent of each other, so there are fewer pressure points. The rule of these coil springs is the more coils that are used, the more independent movement and response are in the best spring mattress.

However, older coil spring mattresses have a frame in which the coils are connected to each other. Although this provides good support across the entire surface, and a longer durability life, there are comfort issues with these mattresses.

Additionally, the best spring mattresses have memory foam, latex, or other types of bedding to provide a soft surface to sleep on. The best coil spring mattress is more breathable. The space between the coils that make up the support system makes it easier for air to circulate within the mattress, making the best spring mattresses cooler.

Best Spring Mattress

Coil Spring Mattress

Appearance: The best coil spring mattress is euro top design in luxury style with grey and blue, which fits all kinds of decorations with luxury style.

Palm like Foam: Latex foam offers the most comfortable sleep nature has to offer, and we optimize each layer for maximum, pressure relief.

5 Zoned Pocket Coil System: Zoned pocket coil system is designed according to the human body shape to match different support needs.

The M28 memory foam provides zero pressure for your body, the open-cell structure keeps the air in good circulation. Compared with the traditional memory foam, it will not become hard under a lower temperature.

Packing of the Best Spring Mattress


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