Custom Queen Bed Headboard


    Custom Queen Bed Headboard
    Custom Queen Bed Headboard
    Custom Queen Bed Headboard
    Custom Queen Bed Headboard

    Brand Name: JLH Mattress

    Model: MB3513

    Style: Modern

    General Use: Bedroom

    Size: Customized

    Color: As shown in the pictures or as your request.

    Main Material: High quality linen fabric, MDF, solid pine wood, high density foam

    Loading Weight: 350kg with mattress

    Packaging: Packed in the carton box

    Place of Origin: Guangdong China

    Certificates: BSCI, SQP, FSC, ISO 9001, ISO14001, OEKO-TEX, CERTIPUR-US

    Minimum Order: 20 PCS

    Price Term: EXW, FOB, C & F, CIF (optional)

    Payment Terms: L / C, T / T, or Cash

    Delivery: From the date that we get the deposit, will deliver the products within 30 days based on the type and the quantity of the mattresses you ordered.

    Queen Bed Headboard

    Queen Bed Headboard

    Custom Bed Headboards

    Custom Bed Headboards

    Tiny CBM saves you a lot of shipping costs and is easier to deliver.

    Queen Bed Headboard Packing & Delivey

    Custom Bed Headboards Packing & Delivey



    40HQ loading QTY(pcs)


    187 * 8 * 65



    156 * 8 * 65



    141 * 8 * 65



    94 * 8 * 65


    Benefits of Custom Bed Headboards

    Variety: Headboards upholstered in fabric offer endless options in their design: sophisticated, simple, luxurious, economical, challenging, or avant-garde. Custom bed headboards will help you create different environments by combining them with furniture.

    Personal Touch: Queen bed headboard can be an extension of your own personality, injecting your own style into your bedroom.

    Comfort: Headboards can fill space and make a room cozier. The space that is filled will permit the bedroom to be cozy in a perfect, relaxing manner. A custom queen bed headboard can simultaneously add to the decor in a way that will work well for the room. 

    Functionality: Not only do queen bed headboards offer a captivating aesthetic, but they are also the most comfortable sitting position to lean on, whether reading a book, watching TV, or talking to a partner. They also act as wall insulators, protecting you from cold or humidity. Also, it will be an element that helps not stain the wall itself.

    These will be custom bed headboards that will make you feel very relieved when you have a busy day, you will feel refreshed when you see its simple design, and when you go to sleep, you will want to lean on it and watch TV, reading a book or playing a game, custom bed headboards can give you a comfortable experience. It is a full-size headboard that is easy to install, as long as you move your hands, you don't need to use many other tools to complete the assembly. There are enough holes on the pole, I believe it can meet your requirements for its height, no matter what height your bed frame needs, I believe there will always be a suitable hole to match it. Its simple design, smooth lines, and elegant colors are in line with the pursuit of simplicity by contemporary young people, and it is a well-deserved modern upholstered queen bed headboard. Custom full size bed headboards can not only meet your needs in terms of installation height but also meet your different needs in terms of size. Various sizes, as long as you have a bed frame, I believe there will be a suitable full size headboard suitable.

    Something important I need to say:

    1. In fact, some parameters such as structure, height, and size can be customized.

    2. Maybe you are confused about what is the potential best-sell beds. Well, thanks to more than 20 years experience, we will give you some professional advice.

    3. Our core value is to help you create more profit.

    4. We are glad to share our knowledge with you, just talk with us.

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