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  • 2023/03/31
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On March 18-21, 2023,

The 51st CIFF China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair of Jinlongheng Furniture Co., Ltd. has officially ended successfully!

Booth 9.2B02 was full of visitors, and the harvest was full ! The theme of JLH Furniture’s exhibition hall design this year is “care for family sleep health”. It is unique among many exhibition halls and forms a sharp contrast. Attract batches of expectant customers to enter the venue.

During the Guangzhou exhibition, we can see that Mr. Huang Haochang, the first furniture industry in Shunde, foshan, successfully created a personal Chinese Tiktok IP “430,000 square meters of mattress man” interacting with customers on the spot. Wu Chengliang, the mayor of Longjiang Town, and his party visited the Guangzhou exhibition in person. Guiding the work, the mayor said that the mattresses of JLH Furniture have a high standard of quality and are a good brand that the people can trust.

At this exhibition, JLH furniture showed a variety of new mattresses and soft beds. From the elegant and atmospheric appearance to the real materials visible to the naked eye, it strives for perfection from the whole to the details, and every customer who has experienced it praises it. Can’t stop talking.

Designing a mattress/bed is not difficult, but designing a good mattress / bed is not. Because for any product, perfunctory is cheap, but intention is expensive. Behind the craftsmanship and details of the JLH furniture is the brand’s dedication to design and commitment to customers. In 2023, the 51st CIFF China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair of JLH Furniture came to a successful conclusion. We will not forget our original intention, forge ahead, continue to uphold the attitude of being highly responsible to consumers and the almost harsh requirements for product quality, and strive for the mission of “providing the best quality home furnishing products to meet the global personalized lifestyle”, Work hard to care for your family’s sleep health goals !


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