How to Judge the Quality of a Mattress?

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  • 2022/03/31
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Learn to Recognize the Smell of a Hotel Mattress

Mattresses made from natural materials such as coconut palm and pure latex have strong environmental protection, high price and high cost. Many take advantage of counterfeits and use formaldehyde-rich polyurethane compounds or plastic foam cushions to disguise themselves as natural mattresses. Our high quality mattresses have no pungent odors.

How to Judge the Quality of A Mattress?

Judging By the Build Quality of the Hotel Mattress Fabric

When it comes to mattress quality, the most intuitive thing you can see with the naked eye is the surface fabric. The high-quality fabric is pleasant to the touch, relatively flat, with no visible wrinkles or pullovers. In fact, the problem of excessive formaldehyde in mattresses often comes from the fabric of the mattress.

The Softness of the Mattress Should be Moderate

Generally speaking, Europeans prefer soft mattresses, while Chinese prefer hard beds. So, the firmer the mattress, the better? This is absolutely not the case. A good hotel latex mattress should have a moderate firmness. Because only a mattress of moderate hardness can perfectly support all parts of the body, which is very beneficial for the health of the spine.

Compare From Inside Material or Filling

The quality of a mattress is mainly determined by its internal materials and filling, so the internal quality of the mattress should be observed. If there is a zipper inside the mattress, you can open it to observe the internal craftsmanship and the number of main materials, such as whether the main spring reaches six turns, whether the spring is rusty and whether the inside of the mattress is clean.

When buying a hotel mattress, you may want to use these 4 skills: look, press, listen and smell, that is, to see if the appearance of the mattress is thick and even, if the surface is smooth and if the lines are well proportioned.


To test the mattress by hand, first test the diagonal pressure of the mattress (a qualified mattress must balance the diagonal pressure symmetrically).

The surface of the mattress is then tested evenly, with well-distributed filling and well-balanced resilience. The quality of the mattress is good. Hearing is a measure to detect the quality of mattress springs. The qualified springs have good elasticity under the flap, and the sound is slightly even. Rusty lower springs not only have poor elasticity, but also make noise when pressed.


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