How To Classify The Upholstered Bed ?

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JLH upholstered bed is a new type of bed developed with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and higher and higher requirements for sleep quality. With the rise and development of upholstered bed in mainland China, some companies have begun to study the field of scientific sleep.

#Common Types of Upholstered Bed

There are many ways to classify upholstered bed, and the market usually classifies them according to the materials used, such as leather upholstered bed, full leather upholstered bed, artificial leather upholstered bed, and fabric upholstered bed.

1. Leather upholstered bed:

The front of the bed screen of the product is covered with natural animal leather, and the other outer surface can be a upholstered bed covered with artificial materials or textile materials.

2. Full leather upholstered bed:

The outer surface of the product is all made of soft beds covered with natural animal leather.

3. Artificial leather upholstered bed:

The main outer surface of the product uses a soft bed covered in artificial leather.

4. Fabric upholstered bed:

The main outer surface of the product is a upholstered bed covered with textile materials such as wool, linen, cotton, chemical fiber or blended.

#Material Composition of Upholstered Bed

The frame forms the main structure and basic shape of the upholstered bed.

Frame materials are mainly wood, steel, wood-based panels, medium-density fiberboard, etc., and medium-density fiberboard is currently the main material.

The filling material plays a decisive role in the comfort of the upholstered bed. The traditional fillers are brown silk and springs, and now foams with various functions are commonly used. Plastics, sponges, synthetic materials, etc.

The filler should have good elasticity, fatigue resistance and long life. Different parts of the upholstered bed have different load-bearing and comfort requirements for the filling material. The performance and price of fillers vary greatly.

The texture and color of the fabric determine the grade of the upholstered bed.

At present, the variety of fabrics is really dazzling. With the advancement of science and technology, the variety of fabrics will become more and more abundant.

#How To Identify The Quality of Upholstered Bed Material ?

1. Look at the weight and thickness: look at the weight of the bed body and the thickness and weight of the bottom box board, because the thicker the bed body and the bottom box board, the greater the material density of its board body. Consumers only need to try to lift out of the bed gently Angles can be known and compared.

2. Listen to the sound: you can use knocking, no matter how good the paint is, the knocking sound of MDF and solid wood particle board is definitely different from that of solid wood, and it feels lighter and more empty.

3. Look at the back panel: the surface of the back panel of the backrest of the upholstered bed must be well-made. You may be able to see the problem by looking at the back. The back of the well-made upholstered bed is as delicate as the front.


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