Upholstered Beds of Different Materials

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  • 2022/06/28
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For high-quality sleep, everyone consciously chooses comfortable pillows and expensive mattresses, but often overlooks the importance of bed frames.

In fact, a good bed frame can not only make the mattress work better, but also enhance the style of the whole house and create a comfortable sleeping space.

The common upholstered bed frame include leather beds, fabric beds, and technical fabric beds. There is no absolute good or bad for beds of various materials. Next, let JLH take everyone to choose the bed frame that suits you.

1. Upholstered leather bed

Leather beds tend to feel more luxurious and delicate, and are suitable for those who pursue a high quality of life.

Therefore, a good leather bed is usually made of genuine leather, which is delicate to the touch, wear-resistant and stain-resistant, and can be used for many years.

In terms of home decoration, the leather bed is the perfect match for the modern light luxury style. Its texture and luxury give people a distinguished and high-end visual experience, which can easily improve the quality of the home.

But you need to pay attention to quality when buying. Cheap and inferior leather beds are not only low-grade, but also smelly, so you must choose carefully!

2. Upholstered fabric bed

The material of the fabric bed is warm and skin-friendly, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling, and the color and texture are rich, which can be compatible with a variety of styles of home decoration.

The fabric beds are mostly made of cotton and linen fabrics, which are soft and breathable, and can give the back skin sufficient breathing when leaning on them for a long time, and most of them have a removable and washable design, which is convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance.

Compared with leather beds, fabric beds are more friendly to the people in terms of appearance, texture and cost, so they are favored by many young people.

3. Upholstered tech fabric bed

In the category of fabrics, there is also a special existence, that is “technical cloth”.

It has the similarity of leather, the appearance is atmospheric, the unique leather feel, color and texture are very clear, and it has excellent waterproof and breathable, suitable for all seasons.

The technical fabric bed has stronger air permeability and softness than the fabric bed, but is closer to the texture of the leather bed visually.

The excellent breathability of technical fabric also makes it known as “breathing fabric”. Its compactness, firmness, good extension and anti-wrinkle ability make the technical fabric bed have the characteristics of super wear resistance and dirt resistance. Waterproof and stain-proof, easy to clean.

There is nothing that can’t be solved with a good night’s sleep. Choose a suitable bed to accompany you every night and let your tense body relax.

No matter leather bed, fabric bed, technical fabric bed, all series of Jinlongheng have products on display. Welcome to contact us to choose the upholstered bed that really suits you.


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