Memory Foam Mattress Sorts And Requirements

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Mattresses are used by every household, and there are many types of mattresses. When purchasing, you should choose those that are helpful for sleep and those that are helpful to your health. So, when we use mattresses, what types of mattresses are there?

ONE: Here Are Several Types of Mattresses

There are spring mattress, palm mattress, gel memory foam mattress, latex mattress and so on. Among them, the spring mattress is a mattress with a spring as a support system. It can be adjusted according to the body shape of the human body, and the air permeability of the spring mattress is very good. Its internal structure also has ventilation channels, which is convenient for moisture-proof and heat dissipation. And there will be no mildew. Spring mattresses have been subdivided into many categories such as individual pocket springs and three-zone, five-zone, seven-zone spring systems, etc.

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The latex bed mattress has good air permeability, has antibacterial and anti-mildew effects, and is not easy to cause allergies. Natural latex comes from rubber trees. Natural latex exudes a light milky fragrance, which is closer to nature, soft and comfortable, and has good ventilation.

The advantage of palm mattress is that it is not easy to get wet, and it is insect and mildew proof, and the price is relatively affordable.

The gel mattress is made of natural eco-friendly cotton. Its ventilation performance is particularly strong, and it can also prevent bacteria and mites, and it will not deform after a long period of use.

TWO: What Are The Requirements For Household Mattresses

1. The mattress used at home must choose a mattress with a suitable length and width. In this way, when using it, it will not be too narrow, so that you cannot sleep well. And when choosing a mattress for home use, you can try to lie down to see if your whole body is comfortable, and there must be no gap between the waist and the mattress. After using it, it will make people have the phenomenon of curvature of the spine, which is very bad for the human body.

2. And when using the mattress, look at the elasticity of the mattress. A good mattress can be adjusted according to the sleeping position of the person when sleeping, and this kind of mattress will give people a very comfortable feeling after use. And you can sit on the corner of the cushion to see if the cushion can quickly return to its original shape, so that you can test the elasticity of the cushion. Moreover, it is necessary to choose a warm and breathable mattress. When this mattress is used, people will sleep very comfortably, and there will be no damp phenomenon when used for a long time.

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