Mattress Application in 5 Star Hotels and Resorts

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A custom foam mattress is a special product designed to meet the specific needs of a specific person. These mattresses are commonly used in hospitals, nursing homes and homes. They are available in a variety of different thicknesses and are ideal for special applications. In addition to comfort, these products can be customized for performance features and other important details. To find out if a custom foam mattress is the best option for you, read on!

Sleep Preferences of Different People

No matter how many things you agree on in life, it’s also likely that you and your partner disagree on some things. Some people prefer to keep their homes warm, while others prefer cooler temperatures. Some people prefer meat and potatoes, while others prefer a vegetable and grain-based diet. Another area that many couples tend to disagree on is the firmness of their mattress. It’s harder than you think. One partner preferred a firm, supportive sleeping surface, while the other preferred something more comfortable and soft. With a traditional mattress, the entire mattress is either soft or firm. There is no way to make one half of the mattress firm and the other half soft.

Mattress Application in 5 Star Hotels and Resorts

When you buy a custom-made memory foam mattress, the mattress is made to your specifications. This means that half of the mattress can be made firmer and / or use fewer comfort layers for the partner, while the other half of the mattress can be made softer and / or have additional comfort layers to help the partner. partner of each partner. Provides perfect comfort. This allows you to both sleep well, rest well, and give you both better mornings.

Thickness, Hardness, Size Can be Customized

The thickness of your mattress can have a major impact on how well your bed works. Those who are very short or very tall may prefer a bed that adjusts more easily to their height. Taller or shorter mattresses, with custom thicknesses, will help them go to bed and get up easily. Also, heavier people need a thicker mattress with more padding, while thinner people may prefer a softer mattress so they don’t sink into the mattress.

The firmness of the mattress can also have a big impact on the quality of the bed. A person with a back or stomach may prefer a firmer mattress, a side sleeper may prefer a medium-firm mattress, and an elderly or frail person may prefer a softer mattress. When you customize your mattress, the mattress is designed to meet your unique needs, rather than using the “factory settings” “one size” or “one size fits all” common in the industry to meet the needs of the masses.

Also, most mattresses come in standard sizes. If you have a custom or antique bed frame that doesn’t fit the size of a modern mattress, or you want to make one yourself, you’ll need a custom mattress. It is the perfect solution for many people who like to recycle, upgrade or reuse furniture or create their own unique new furniture.

When you buy direct from the manufacturer, you save a lot of money, allowing you to invest in upgrades you might not have considered before, such as extra support layers or plush for your mattress, an adjustable base for your mattress or sheets and Mattress protector Designed to adapt to the flow of air while you sleep. The more you save on your mattress by working directly with the manufacturer, the more you spend elsewhere in the mattress buying process.


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