How to Measure Your Bed for a King-Size Headboard

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Decorating your bedroom with a king-size headboard can transform the room’s aesthetics and provide a comfortable resting place. To ensure a perfect fit, it’s crucial to accurately measure your bed’s headboard space. Follow our comprehensive guide to measure your bed for a king-size headboard with precision.

Measuring the Width

Determine the width of the headboard space by measuring the distance between the outer edges of the bed frame where the headboard will be attached. Use a measuring tape or ruler and measure directly along the top of the bed frame. Be meticulous and take the measurement twice to ensure accuracy.

Measuring the Height

Next, measure the vertical space available for the headboard. This measurement starts from the floor to the desired height of the headboard. Decide the height that complements the bed’s proportions and the overall room design. Typically, king-size headboards range from 48 to 60 inches in height.

Accounting for Overhang

If you want the headboard to overhang the sides of the bed, factor that into the width measurement. Measure the desired overhang on each side and add it to the width of the headboard space. Common headboard overhangs range from 6 to 12 inches per side.

Consider the Bed’s Style

The style of your bed may influence the headboard measurement. For example, a platform bed typically has a headboard attached directly to the frame, so you won’t need to measure the overhang. Conversely, a bed with a separate headboard requires accurate measurements to ensure a proper fit.

Measuring for a Split King Headboard

Split king headboards are designed for adjustable beds. To measure for a split king headboard, follow the same steps as for a regular king-size headboard. However, measure each side of the bed separately to account for the split. The headboard’s width will be the sum of the two measurements.


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