How To Choose A Proper Home Memory Foam Mattress ?

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Habitually search the Internet, see all kinds of buyer shows, details pages, knowledge sharing and breaking news, and start to feel a little at a loss. So they learned a lot about mattresses through various channels, as if springs, latex, and sponges are indispensable. In fact, you don't need to worry about buying a mattress at all, and doing so may not necessarily have real benefits for you in choosing a mattress. This article introduces a simple and effective method of purchasing mattresses.

What Kind of Mattress Is Good ?

What should you pay attention to when buying a mattress? In fact, most friends know that a mattress can only be called a good mattress if it is suitable for them; they also know that there is no most suitable mattress, only a more suitable mattress. You may wish to refer to the following steps to choose a mattress, so that it is easier to buy a satisfactory mattress.

1. Mattresses should be loved more than cars

We spend eight times as much time with our mattresses as we do with our cars. However, you seem to spend far more time learning about features, comparing prices, and taking a test drive before buying a car than you do buying a mattress. Also, a car lasts about as long as a mattress. So, put more patience and budget into buying a mattress, because it's worth it.

2. Personally test the comfort

Many people are in a hurry when buying mattresses, and 80% of them can't wait to get the sales bill in 2 minutes. When testing the softness, just sitting on the edge or pressing it with your hands will not help. Bedding manufacturers did not stack up mattresses to save warehouse space, but hoped that you could lie down and experience it for yourself when purchasing. So, bring your family, wear casual clothes, ladies, be careful not to wear skirts, so as not to be inconvenient when lying down, try lying down like you really sleep. For at least 10 minutes, lie flat or on your side to experience whether the spine can remain straight; turn over to see if the partners affect each other.

3. Fabric is the most intimate part

Fabric material's quality directly affects the quality of sleep and even physical health. Sweat and moisture removal, good air permeability, antibacterial and anti-mite, good skin-friendly, environmental protection and health are the basic standards. Generally, more comfortable knitted fabrics, jacquard fabrics or high-grade cotton and linen fabrics are used.

a. Knitted fabric embodies fashion and harmonious life philosophy, soft and comfortable and easy to clean. The jacquard fabric is high-grade and comfortable,

b. High-grade cotton linen feels very good to the touch ,and the appearance is elegant and generous

c. Chemical fiber fabrics: cheap, but poor air permeability.

d. 3D fabric: It has excellent air permeability and resilience, and is mildew-proof, not easy to get wet, and easy to clean. The only disadvantage is that it is expensive.

4. However, for mattresses, the selling point of the appearance of the fabric is not important, because after all, there is a bed cover and the like on it. After covering it like this, no matter how beautiful the appearance is, you can’t see it, so as long as the fabric is comfortable and healthy. .

5. Choose a mattress based on height, weight, body shape, and sleeping position

Many people think that a hard mattress is better, but it is wrong. The mattress should give the body good support, which is the most basic principle. Lightweight people should sleep on softer beds, while heavy people should sleep on harder beds. Softness and hardness are actually relative. A mattress that is too firm cannot support all parts of the body equally, and the support points will only concentrate on the heavier parts of the body, such as the shoulders and hips. Because these areas are under extra pressure, poor blood circulation can make it difficult to sleep.

Conversely, if the mattress is too soft, the spine will not be able to keep straight due to insufficient supporting force, and the back muscles will not be able to fully relax during the entire sleep process. Studies have found that generally 70 kg can be used as the dividing line of body weight to choose the hardness of the mattress. Knowing your sleeping position is also important when choosing a mattress. Women's hips are often wider than their waists, and if you sleep on your side, your mattress needs to accommodate the contours of your body. Heavier people, especially for back sleepers, should have firmer mattresses if the weight is distributed over the torso as the average man does.

6. The Bigger The Bed The Better

Within the limits of the size of the bedroom, the bigger the bed, the better. In this way, people lying on it can move around freely. If two people sleep, the size of the mattress must be at least 1.5 meters by 1.9 meters. At present, the double bed size of 1.8 meters by 2 meters has become the standard configuration. The size of a bed should be 10 centimeters larger than the height of a person. Therefore, if the space at home allows, don't be afraid of KING SIZE.

If you decide to choose a queen bed, also consider practical issues such as how the large mattress will fit into hallways and rooms. If the space is really small, you can choose a roll-packed mattress to move into the bedroom easily. In addition, it is best to buy a mattress that is one size larger than the current actual demand, so that even if there are new changes in the family in the next two or three years, such as getting married or having a child , and there is no need to buy again to incur additional costs.

7. Latex mattresses are the healthiest and hygienic

Latex is a natural material, and there are small holes inside the mattress to breathe, allowing air to circulate freely, keeping the mattress fresh, dry and cool. Latex has antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold and dust mites, and is non-allergenic and odor-free. Latex has better resilience and can follow the contours of the body, so that every curve of the body has a suitable support. After each turn, the latex mattress can immediately restore the indentation caused by the weight of the body on the mattress, thereby effectively supporting the body.

8. General spring mattresses have the most choices

This is the most traditional type of mattress. The structure of the spring, the filling material, the quality of the car flower cushion cover, the thickness of the steel wire, the number of coils, the height of a single coil, and the connection method of the coils will all affect the mattress. The quality of the spring mattress. The greater the number of springs, the greater the bearing force obtained. Most spring mattresses are made of natural materials that breathe better, absorbing sweat from the night and letting it out during the day.

The springs of individual pocket spring mattresses are separated into individual fiber pockets, so that each spring can be adjusted independently to the body. Because these springs move independently, they can effectively block the shock transmission caused by the partner tossing and turning, ensuring undisturbed sleep. There are at least 3,000 pocket springs in each mattress. This kind of mattress is best used with a spring bed frame, which is softer. If it is used with a row frame, the gap should not be greater than 5 cm.

9. The memory foam mattress has good support

Composed of high-density polyurethane, it can fit the body well and reduce body pressure. Memory foam is temperature sensitive and adjusts to body temperature. People with neck and lumbar spine problems can choose this mattress, which can bring pressure-free support.

10. The foam mattress is light and easy to carry

Foam mattresses are also called sponge mattresses. They are soft, portable and lightweight, and are especially suitable for people who move frequently. The disadvantage is that it is easy to deform. When choosing, you need to do repeated pressing tests. The foam mattress that is not easy to sink and rebounds quickly is a good foam mattress.

11. Choose a mattress with a partner in mind

Start by making sure you and your partner have a bed big enough for the two of you to stretch out and sleep comfortably. If two people have very different weights and figures, it is recommended to choose a mattress specially designed for two people, which can reduce the shock caused by the partner's tossing and turning activities and ensure uninterrupted sleep. The average person tosses and turns more than 20 times per night, which means that your partner's tossing will cause you to be awake 13% of the time every night, more than 22% of the time is light sleep, and less than 20% of the time is in sleep. The third and fourth stages of sleep. The third and fourth stages of sleep are the key stages for repairing the body and improving memory. When the soft and hard demands of two people on the mattress cannot be unified, a more economical compromise is to add a suitable cushion to one side of the mattress.

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