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  • 2022/09/09
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Discover our JLH mattress of fitmat series innovative collection of zipper beds and make your perfect mattress a reality.

It’s understandable if you’ve never heard of a mattress with a top panel that unzips. After all, it’s quite an innovation—and one that other mattress stores don’t offer their customers. Under the zippered panel, there are a variety of foam insert options in varying firmness: poly foam, blended latex, natural latex, bio-based foam or memory foam. All this rests on the conforming, stable support of a pocketed coil innerspring. This pocketed coil unit is surrounded by a firm coil row for firm support and increased sleeping area across the surface of the bed.

So what’s the benefits of owning a zippered custom bed(mattress)? According to our export experience, there are at least 4 advantages:

1.Build A Bed Mattress

Do you have some question on how to choose a sleepy mattress and prefer the bed a bit firmer or softer? No problem—each person can choose different comfort layer inserts allowing them to sleep on the firmness they prefer. Those inserts are available in multiple firmness, in latex, high-density polyurethane foam or memory foam.

2. Comfort Matching

Combined with our 10-year Comfort Guarantee, the zip-open panel assures you’ll get as close to your perfect mattress as possible. If you find that you need a different firmness in the mattress, adjust your bed’s comfort by changing out the foam inserts beneath the zippered cover.

3. Long Term Comfort.

As time passes, your needs may change. Update your sleep surface by replacing the foam inserts rather than purchasing an entirely new mattress.            

4. Easy to Rotate

Forget the semi-annual struggle to flip your mattress. To evenly distribute wear, you need only unzip the quilted panel and maintain the foam inserts. Visit our company website to see the videos to learn just how easy it is to maintain your new mattress.

In summer of year 2022, we have released a brand new removable mattress: fitmat series spring mattress, each mattress with zipper to match your requirement and solve your difficult on choose a right good mattress in firmness when you are shopping in store. As you can see here are two mattresses, all of them are with high quality grey or black gradient color knitted fabric, it benefits moisture absorption and more breathable, skin-friendly, comfortable and anti-pilling.

Underneath are some different materials layer to match different firmness in different density requirement, for example, the black gradient mattress is gel memory foam in comfort layer, the Infused with gel particles for desired temperature stabilization. Keeping you cool all night long. The grey gradient mattress is with two different layers on top, to make one bed with two options. 

It makes this mattress to be adjustable firmness easily at home. Over time your comfort preferences often evolve, this mattress is with latex layer and air memory foam layer can make your bed to be perfect. When you want to sleep like a soft cloud, then you can choose the air memory foam layer on top, and zipper the mattress, and enjoy your wonderful night.

And as weeks passed by, maybe you have some tired of your mattress at some moment and feel too soft, then you can switch over the inner layer from air memory foam to the natural latex layer, it would became more bouncy, with better breathable and healthier sleeping environment, so we made our Mattress adjustable. Choose between medium and  medium-soft for a sleep solution that’s right for YOU. Then rest assured that it’s easy to switch things up again – any time you like.

Which model do you prefer? Gery or black? Or you can check in our company website for more models and options,  and find your ideal mattress


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